Stonesaur still has not passed one post… I suspect he joined simply to say, trr. Perhaps we will never hear of him again. Cubefan? No, wait… he would never have settled for a three letter post.

How dare you try to pawn trr off as your own! There is only one trr! You can never beat the original!


look at me boycotting it!

ok i am just getting sick and tired of this trr thing…the one and only original bwarg is waaaaaaaaaaay awesomer than trr.

<EDIT>wait a min…PLANTPERSON IS CUBEFAN WOOHOO!!! I FIGURED IT OUT!!! YAY FOR ME!!! what? maybe im wrong, but i still think that trr isnt as cool as bwarg

guys…calm down with all that cubefan is BACK! run away!! AAaAAAAAAHhHHhhh run for your live!!!

Cubefan was stupid…

this Stonesaur must have post a first thread…and seeing how stupid it was…he was kinda shy, so he decided to start a new account with a new usename just not to be laugh at :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the most logical explanation that come to my mind…

as I said to lemmy…if cubefan is still browsing this forum (without) any account…he must be laughing his ass off seeing peopel searching for him…this making his “win”…so let him in his corner and stop searching for him…he’s gone…

hmmhmmh i would laugh my ass of if i made some nonesense thread and then a couple months later, i come back and people are idoling over it…lolol

People’s ranting about cubefan is almost worse than cubefan himself!

Stop trolling you idiots. Please!

troll troll

“What you say? Me no idiot? You wrong! Waaiiit…”

I’m doing nothing of the sort… I’m just saying I think that we’ll never see this “Stonesaur” guy again. I don’t know what “trr” meant, but I suppose that’s all we’ll ever hear from him.