Truck- My first vehicle

Hey guys,

This is my third scene ever and i decided i would try to model a vehicle. I found a reference and google and spent 4 days to get the result i have now.

Sweet truck! You put a lot of work into modeling the details and it’s paid off! I like the materials as well. This is a great job, especially for a first vehicle.

Were you presenting it as a full size truck, or as a model or toy version? With the shallow depth of field, I’m assuming you’re showing it off as a model. I really like the red fuel tank as well. It’s material, and some of the others, make the truck look a bit like a Christmas tree ornament (the shiny ones). This would be a very detailed ornament indeed!

Great work!

Thank you for the kind words.

It’s actually very badly modeled and i have regretted not using good topology ( I don’t fully understand topology), and i was going for a model look. For the first quarter of the modeling, I actually recorded a timelapse, but forget to record for the next few days.

I uploaded the .blend file to blendswap. :smiley:

I don’t think that’s a real truck. I think that’s some kinda cgi. I’m callin FAKE on this. =b

Great job!