True displacement problem

Hello, everyone! First of all sorry for my english. Second and most, like in title. I’ve tried to make my texture appear as 3D object (theoretically). But in some cases it just:

a) stayed in same position
b) only flat surface (beacause i experimentally work on plane) changed position inwards positive xyz coordinates
c) weird displacement happens also into positive xyz

I already checked bump and displacement setting. And beside that Im quite surprised cause previously ive done few tutorials and few my own projects with that operation (everything was fine I guess until now).
Thanks in advance and best regards to new community i have chance to be in!!!

or im stupid and blind enough to overlook something quite obvious??

You forgot to run the Noise texture through a Displacement NODE…

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oh thanks a lot. I’ve done that anyway but by my fault inserted texture into normal but not into height. Thanks again you saved my valuable time!!

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