True displacement problem


I’m having some problem with the displacement feature.
“Bump” works fine but as soon as enable “true” the displacement goes of in a strange direction.
I’m using an image texture that is transparent with only two white circles on it.

Maybe you can spot easily what I’m doing wrong.

If necessary I will post the .blend-file.






Try removing doubles, recalculating normals.

Post the blend

Thanks for your suggestion, Photox. But it didn’t solve the problem. :frowning:

Here’s the blend.



uv_experiment.blend (492 KB)

Unapplied and non-uniform object scale. Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale to apply.

Awesome JA12!

Thanks for spotting that. Had no idea that could have these consequences. I love this forum.

Whats the best way to make this look good/smooth? Subdivide that particular area? Increase subdivide surface settings? Increase resolution of bitmap? Something else?

Thanks again!

Thanks for these links. They are very educational and inspiring.
For my current model, I think it will do fine with an image texture. Using bump + true gave me pretty nice results.

I’ll continue to pursue other techniques for my future projects though. There are sooo many ways of achieving the same result…