True Perspective Rendering

I know how to choose between orthographic and (3-point) perspective rendering, but I thought there was also a “true perspective” option. I’ve searched for it on the forum and can’t find anything about it.

By true perspective I mean that 2 perfectly straight, parallel lines will not only appear to converge at a point in the background, but the rendered lines will appear to be slightly curved, like the edges of a sidewalk. If you render a scene with 3-point perspective and then composite that with real video, the points in 3D space will not all match up correctly.
Now, I realize the discrepancy will be minor, but the finished video may just not look quite right.

If anyone can tell me how to select this rendering option I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Do you mean the lens distortion? Because the perspective is perfect, but what you can see in reality has some flaws and it’s not perfect. So the solution would be to use the same filters as you use to correct the distortion in the photos/video. Blender doesn’t have any real camera.

You can simulate curved lens by using the ‘pano’ (panorama) option in the rendering panel. Enable that, and then set the Xparts and Yparts to at least 8x8.