True Sensor Acting Up

I have a feature in my game that is activated by a message actuator. The message is sent every two minutes or so by a true Always sensor. This system works fine, except when I reload the game file. After quitting blender, when I come back I have to turn True off, then turn it on again to make it work. If I don’t, nothing at all happens, the sensor apparently doesn’t pulse at all. After that it works fine until the next time I quit. Why is this?

as the f: thing on sensors is based on logic ticks count [not time], why don’t you just switch to using a timer property and a property sensor?

That’s a good idea. Since this sensor is also controlling my day/night cycle, that will solve the problem of it becoming night immediately after starting.

You da man!

A while ago I tried to make a realtime clock. using 1 time propertie counting the seconds. Then I used 2 another properties to catch the minutes ad hours. When the seconds timer was on 60, the minute became 1, and seconds got reset back to 1 to start again until 60 seconds. When the minute properties was 60, 1 got added on the hour propertie, then the minute properties got reseted. Then I wanted to use the minute and hour properties to set day and night, moon on sun, I even was thinking of putting in real days.

The problem I had was resetting the timer back to 0 when it was 60, and same to the minute properties, and resetting the hour from 24 back to 0. So if someone has an idea how to reset properties, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: