True snap to grid function

I have done a search and haven’t found anything to answer my question so I do apologize if there was in fact a thread discussing this. This may sound stupid but where is a snap-to-grid function in Blender? I know that holding down Ctrl while editing will snap to grid and holding shift with Ctrl will refine the snapping function but it does not actually snap to the grid lines that I see. I want it to snap to the grid lines that are visible and not the ones that are only visible at a higher zoom level. It also seems to depend on how my mesh is situated on the grid will affect the alignment of my addition of lines to the mesh depending on how far away from the edge the line of polygons that I am moving are. I’m sure I’m just missing something. Thanks.

Shift+Skey in the 3D window pulls up snap menu. As to resolution, try this, zoom in and out, you will notice more or less grid divisions as you do so. Try putting your cursor some where and then snap it to grid. Now zoom in closer (till you get more grid divisions) and put it some where else, snap it to grid. Do you notice the difference? The same holds true for other parts of your model (vertices, etc.) as well as using the control key.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Thanks for the advice. I know I can work around this but to be truthful, I don’t see why I have to have a work around. It just seems strange that I can’t just have a snap function that snaps to the visible grid lines that are present in my scene window. Still the snap tools are still pretty efficient for the work flow. I’m probably just making a big deal out of nothing. Thanks for replying. I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Hey, I just noticed something else. Of course you know that a g+then ctrl will snap to the next grid line(s) that you can see. And I am sure that you know the g+ then shift allows for more precise motions. If you press g+then ctrl+shift, it looks like it divides the grid squares into tenths without having to zoom in to see them.

Yeah I know about both functions. But holding control will not always snap to the visible grid lines and holding down shift doesn’t help while trying to snap since it snaps to the higher number of subdivisions in the grid. It’s like the snap function is affected by the mesh your working on. I just took a plane and re sized it on the X axis while snapping to grid. It snaps perfectly while resizing. So plane itself is perfectly snapped to the grid lines that are visible, but if I use Ctrl-R to place a line into it and try to snap it to the grid lines, it still will not match up with them. EDIT: I think this is just something weird that the Ctrl-R function does. If I just place the line and then move it again, it works. I don’t under stand why it chooses to skip only four grid squares at a time but it does. Although it seems to deepen the snap to an even higher number of subdivisions on the grid with the more lines I have added into the plane thus making it difficult to align stuff. So it can still give me a problem since it will only place it where it will now not snap to the lower subdivisions without me aligning it to the proper grid line. GAHHHH. This is just a headache.

you can always press “n” and manually tweak your mesh.

That will work. Thanks.