Truedisplacement [update 23-8-2003]

This is a preview of a python script developed by me and
my friend Alessandro Braccili, to make true displacement with

Originally this idea was to improve the realism of MakeHuman model, without re-modelling the Base mesh, but now we want release it as
indipendent script (of course, it will be integrated in makehuman too)

Stay tuned: the beta release coming soon.

Cool :smiley: 8)

WE NEED IT!!! :slight_smile:

This looks extremely promising :smiley: Could you give us a few more details?

And if this is as good as it looks, any chance it could be coded into Blender itself? :smiley:

Anyway, updates would be really really kewl! :wink:

Use a grayscale TGA UVmapped to make displacement.
You can choose the amount of displacement whit a slider.
The poly count is the same.

OOOOOOHHH!!! :o :o

This will be very, very nice and helpful!!

Great work.!!




most excellent!!

Damn… it was a life I was waiting for this in Blender!


Looks very promising, this would indeed be a great addition to Blender and make complex modeling a lot simpler :slight_smile:

But with the 65000 limit of the vertices…? :frowning:

wow, incredible work… I sure hope it is thrown into blender… at least a little button for it would do :smiley:


I don’t think this can be a real problem.

This looks awesome, I can’t wait to try it! :smiley: :smiley:

how do you uv map a sphere or cylinder though?

Wow. I drool in anticipation. Looking forward to trying this out.

Hey, if I have a modell that contains 65000 vertices, how can I use your displacement map script? :frowning: Or this is not problem?

Well endi, you are never happy :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a philosophycal issue:

Displacement mapping, as in lightflow etch does not displace the mesh untill the rendering phase. Actually it does not displace the mesh but computes the position of the surface when needed and, in this sense, there is no ‘vertex count’ problem since yoou can safely displace with very fine resolution a 1 face plane.

This displacement mapping (I’m guessing from the shots) really displaces vertices so you are probably right in being worried by the 64k limit.

The problem is rather if it adds vertices or merely displaces existing vertices. I’m for option #2 so the 64k is not a problem.


Exactly…however, I’m planning to use the displacement
module to make a new feature in YableOOP, using the
getRawFromObject(), to exporting in the Yafray
file the displaced subsurface Data, without affect the Blender scene.