Truespace 7 released - what do you think?

Just noticed this:

I’ve always had a soft spot for caligari as a demo of Truespace 3 is what got me into computer graphics nearly 10 years ago now.

After those interesting ten years I would say that blender has become better than Truespace apart from initial user-friendlyness. Truespace certainly doesn’t have a fluid simulator or softbody simulator and where it claims that "trueSpace7 is the only program on the market allowing multiple users to collaborate in real-time within a shared immersive 3D space. " I seem to remember Blender having a verse implementation first. :smiley:

The coolest new thing about this release is the use of Direct X 9 shaders. Wonder what you do if you don’t have a DX9 compatible card though.


I guess technically Blender isn’t “on the market” :wink:

DirectX 9 shaders are wonderful, but if you don’t have a DX9 card you can’t see them, the program itself should still work. As for Blender, it does not have to worry about shaders- although I’m sure they can be implemented with OpenGL if the programmers want to. (I don’t see it as nessesary)

Yeah, Blender is definitly better than Truespace. Truespace has seriously lagged behind over the years… I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

verse isn’t really complete enough to allow anything serious to be done yet.


!! But it’s verse!!!

-If that’s bad, there’s always the alternative… svn:D

!!! Thank heavens for verse !!!
(and blender devs and verse devs^^;)


If you ask me :wink: I dont like its very kiddy gui and the stability of Truspace is only a joke! If you want buy a commercial 3D app then I prefer/recommend Maxon Cinema 4D, its very powerful, it has a very fast renderer a good and free support and all this for a relative fair price and you can buy the modules you need…


based on Comment over cgtalk. This new release of Truespace is to be avoided.

Well I got their “Buy our product!” email…

…thought I opt’ed out of that bit.

Anyways, not to impressive and definatly scary that they state that your are going to be like a Beta Tester for them after you pay for the product! Nice warning! Now I most certainly not be buying this product.

Gotta love that part. They want you to pay a decent sum (hundreds of dollars) to get TS7, admit that character animation has not been fixed at all and then have the nerve to tell you that you will have to pay for it when it comes out in v7.1!

It sounds like you get a very buggy v6 repackaged in order for Caligari to get more of your money and then they plan on getting even more of your money a bit later down the road with an incremental update.


They want you to pay for a .1 upgrade?

It’s worse. They actually want you to pay for a beta:

Q: I am concerned about stability and performance, is trueSpace7 more stable than trueSpace6?

A: trueSpace7 includes essentially all of the existing trueSpace6 functionality within the new architecture. While we did improve some issues in the trueSpace6 code, including a clean-up of the user interface, the old code did not change significantly. This is because over time all the old tools will be replaced with new (and improved) ones that fully exploit the power of the new architecture.

So essentially you get a re-skinned v6 (called v7) with some new functions built in but not all. This sounds more like a beta build to me than a final product.

And then, after paying for this “beta” version, they will want you to pay, yet again, to upgrade (i.e. to get what should have been in there all along).

…uh… is that why they had a thanksgiving sale

($88 for having owned older truespace; and truespace 3.2: which was free…)


Wow… I had completely forgotten that Truespace 3D even existed.

Truespace IS a great program, but for the price, you can’t go wrong w/ blender!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Truespace IS a great program

Pfff, don’t make me laugh. Only good thing about trueSpace is you get better at modeling, because every time you’re about to save something it crashes and you have to start the whole thing over.

I got that upgrade e-mail too, what a joke. things like “can handle one million poly models” and such which blender can do already quite well. Don’t get me started on their tech support either, if I wanted to argue with someone I’d get married. Only thing I’m wondering is how their new subsurf tools will work but I’m not paying $300 to find out. I doubt they’ll be very impressive since they say things like “revolutionary” and “never before seen”, guess they don’t ever look at other 3D apps already out there…

One a side note however they sent another e-mail saying that based on user feedback the next update will be free for everyone who owns version 7.

Only thing trueSpace has over blender is N-gons and shaders which I do miss at times, still if you wanna spend money donate to blender or elYsiun.

Lol… Sonic you are right! If you have enough money to buy Truspace then you could also save this peanuts and donate it to the Blender Foundation. I think this is the only right way!

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