trueSpace Users

This might not be the right place to post this but I was wondering how many trueSpace users there really are on here. Even if you haven’t really used it alot I’d like to know if you have used it at all.

Main reason being I’m trying to figure out key issues that trueSpace users might have when they start using Blender, or even vice-versa. This is an attempt to help out and make a migration guide for trueSpace to Blender. So all thoughts would be welcome.

I for one have a hard time going back to trueSpace after using Blender because of the workflow being so much faster in Blender.

I got into CG after installing a Truespace 3 demo that came with my old 8MB Matrox card back in 1997. Back then, I loved playing with the physics and the IK joints.

Since I found Blender, I have never looked back - though I do check caligari’s website occasionally.


Yeah the main thing I was going to look for was stuff to help people coming over from trueSpace to get used to Blender faster and easier. Thought some input from other trueSpace users might be good but guess they aren’t that many :-?. Oh well I think I’ll go check if there are guides for trueSpace to other apps and see what they do to get a frame of reference.

I argee, I got 6.6 and it’s been less then fun I’ve had trueSpace S/E, 4, 5, 5.1, 6x and with the money I spent on upgrades and plug-ins I could have bought two computers by now (D’OH).

[EDIT] BTW: I think you can get trueSpace 3 for free now but not sure what kind of restictions there are. [/EDIT]

I started on TS2 and actually convinced my high school to purchase TS3. It was great back then, because the only other 3D software the school had was 3DS Max 1.2 and it was hella difficult for me to use.

You can download TS3.xx for free. If you search around on the net you can find the links. And there are no restrictions.

I guess the hardest thing for me was building meshes as single pieces. Back then, TS’s vertex editing sucked so you had to do a lot of meshes by putting primitives together and extruding, etc… Then again, I moved from TS to lightwave to Blender, so I had a slightly easier move across to blender, but to lightwave that was my issue.

Incidentally, TS2 has the best selection tools of all the TS versions I played with; when TS3 hit they added all these extra features which essentially killed my workflow.

Yeh, I find truespace quiet easy to use and it has physic dynamic which I like so much, it also use python for plugin!! Wonder if they will ever release it as open source togehter with blender = apps kiler!!!

No restrictions, it’s even upgradable (or was year or so ago). But link to get it is well-hidden and they’ll send you ALOT of promotional email, - if you do not like that use secondary email. :slight_smile:

I remember “Caligari” on the Amiga! I purchased trueSpace version 5.2 and use it occasionaly. I’ve just started playing with Blender. I like ts’s handling of special effects better, like Lens flares (proper interaction with foreground objects, unlike Blender’s textureized flare).

The BIG difference is you’re left somewhat in the lurch as the owner of an old version. Now that they are up to Version 7 it is hard to find Version 5-specific talk.

That’s what I find so great about Blender. Everyone has access to the same features.

Seems a lot of people miss TS’s lens flare, hmm well some have said that the afterglow plug-in did what they wanted. Might wanna do a search for that.


IIRC, lens flares in art are one of the 7 deadly sins.

Define art.

That’s a very difficult question, and to date, nobody has been able to answer it fully. However, humanity has been able to define what does not constitute art beyond reasonable doubt. Typically, this includes overuse of filters, also called “ducks”, especially if used in abundance. Things like the lensflare, zoom-blurring, gradients within poorly executed linework, and so forth. Be honest to yourself, most lensflare “art” is pretty hideous.

(I had a better link than that one, but it was posted on eatpoo and I can’t find it anymore…)

Hahaha, :smiley: well put.

Ok back on topic.