TrueWonders seeking another modeler/animator

TrueWonders is now in full production mode for the 3D animated pilot episode. The entire production team of writers, musicians, animators, voice actors, etc. is made up of volunteers all over the world. We team up remotely.

We’re looking for more blender animators and modelers. This is an unpaid position. The pilot will open the door to secure funding for producing a few hundred episodes. If you’re a skilled animator, then this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door early in this exciting project.

Typical Skills required:

  • Fluent with the Blender interface
  • modeling
  • UV unwrapping and texturing
  • Rigging
  • Key-framing
  • Shape keys
  • Drivers
  • Animation (Rigify, poses, non-linear editor, action editor, dope sheet, graph editor)

You may reach out to me here or, feel free to email me directly from the Contact Page at