TrueWonders seeking blender talent

Come join TrueWonders and become part of a team of creators working on a fun project that’s already airing some of its productions.

I’m seeking Blender talent of all kinds: artists, modelers, animators, Blender simulation experts (fluid, mist, cloth,…), compositors, video editors, as well as programmers, voice actors, writers, musicians, web designers, marketers,…

TrueWonders is creating entertaining 3D animated content as videos, books, comic books, and more. A draft teaser video demo from the main, fully animated series of 300 episodes is finished and a fully animated opening episode with music and voice acting is in the making. A separate, prelude series, called “TrueWonders Story Time” has already begun airing, also expected to be about 300 episodes in total.

Please explore the website to see if the style suits your ability, style, and preferences. These are designed to be low-poly models and simple animations for a reason.

At this time, I’m asking for volunteers and part-time contributors, but I expect to be funded over the next year to hire a production team of full-time employees, as well as paid part time contributors and freelancers. Typical interaction will be via weekly online meetings.

I’m the CEO and founder, and a tenured university professor at a major university in the USA. Contributors will be credited, be able to use me as a reference, and cite the experience on a resume or CV. I’d be providing letters of recommendation.

You may reach out to me here or, feel free to email me directly from the Contact Page at

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