Trump Portrait

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Okay, folks, I need some brutal input on this, please. I’m aiming for realism, with perhaps some slight exaggeration. In fact, I hope to create a near-photo-real render, including realistic materials, particle hair, etc.
I’ve got all the rough shapes, now I need to fix proportions, etc, before adding more detail. I know a lot of people wait until after retopo to break the symmetry, but I’m thinking about doing it now. Any thoughts on that? I want to pose him a little before moving on, as well.
I probably should’ve started this thread earlier in the process, but this is the point at which I started asking friends, family, and non-artists for critique. These are the first renders I’ve done. The material is temporary, meant to distance the viewer from the color aspect and help focus critique on proportions. Unfortunately, it appears more orange than I intended on certain screens and I fear it has affected people’s perception. (I’ve gotten a few “orange”-related comments… XD)
Anyway, rip it apart! I want to know everything that needs to be fixed. The hair and eyebrows will be replaced with particle hair and the clothes haven’t been sculpted at all yet. Thank you for any help with this! Don’t be afraid to repeat previous critiques if you agree!

After getting some feedback from friends and family, the biggest issues seem to be the eyes and the nose. Apparently the eyes are too small and close together and the nose is too narrow. People also mentioned the cheeks being too wide/chubby and the forehead being too narrow. Everyone seemed to think it looked fine from the side.
I’m currently in the process of setting up a mesh deform to make the adjustments to the head. This seems like it might be easier than sculpting the changes, but I might just be lazy. Anybody have any thoughts on that approach?
Once I’ve finished making the deformer and changes, I’ll post the results.

Nice work. I wish I had this kind of skill. (And if I had, my renders would be full of dinosaurs :smiley: ).

Thanks! That’s nice of you to say, but I have a long way to go, both with this project and my abilities, in general.

You have a great likeness going here, so well done. There is something that is a little off and I cannot place it though.

Maybe post the ref pic/pics you used.

The nose needs to wider and open up the eyes a bit more.

Thank you!

Actually, I’ve been using so many ref pics that it would be impossible to pick which ones to post. The best thing to do would be to just use Google Images, as I did.

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding the eyes, I’m actually trying to show him squinting slightly. Perhaps, I haven’t succeeded.

It looks pretty good however, the eyes definitely need some tweaking in my opinion.

Thanks! I agree on the eyes. Any suggestions for changes?

I don’t think Trump has lazy eyes look such as Sylvester Stallone, so yea lift up those eyelids above the pupils and i think it would be bang on.

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@Thesonofhendrix Thanks for the comment. Yeah, now that I think about it, I think that when he squints, he tends to close his lower eyelids more than his upper. I kind of like the idea of catching him “mid-blink”, though. Idk… If it’s throwing off the likeness, it’s probably a bad idea.

The mesh deform cage took me a while to set up. I think I’ve got it set now, but it’s been difficult to find the time to start fixing proportions. I’ll be sure to upload new shots once I’ve done it.

Okay, I’ve got some OpenGL shots to post, finally. Sorry it’s taken so long- I’ve had a really hard time finding the time to do much work on it.
I’ve broken the symmetry and adjusted some proportions- widened the nose, pulled the chin down and to the side, moved the bottom teeth, moved the eyes apart and opened them up a bit, changed the mouth shape a little, slimmed down the cheeks and forehead… I think that’s it…
What do you guys think? Is the likeness any better this way? Please let me know what else I can fix!

So here’s something weird I’m doing:

I decided to rework the cheeks, since I didn’t think they were looking quite right. This time I’m trying to sculpt the basic, underlying shapes such as fat deposites first, then build it back up. I’m not sure if thsi will work well, and I’m sure my facial anatomy is off. I’ve just been gpoing by my reference photos and not any signifigant anatomical knowledge.

As always, let me know what you think!

Honestly, I like the previous one better.

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Which one do you mean? And what do you like better about it?

This version is what I meant. I get it that the other version you’re working on is a work in progress. It’s just that the most recent render you posted threw me of a bit when I saw it.

I see. Yeah, I know it looks weird. That’s part of the reason I posted it; I thought was kind of funny.