Trumpet: Mesh Help!

I am still in the mesh modeling part of making a trumpet. I’m still very new to blender and I’m having trouble with part of my mesh. All I have so far is the lead pipe, but I can’t get the pinky ring on the lead pipe modeled.

Wait, this is a photograph. Right?
We could help you more if you showed us a screenshot or a test render of what you have done so far.

I made a model of a trumpet a while back. To make the pinky ring, I used a Bezier Curve, which I gave a large width value to. It was a pretty simple ring, though. If you want to make it very detailed, you may want to extrude a plane or a circle in the pattern of the ring.

Maybe this picture will give you some hints how you can do it

Yes, that is a real picture.

That is almost EXACTLY what I need! Did you make that?

Here is what I have so far. I want to make this as close to the real thing as possible.

Yes, I did. I do not like to do big real projects, but if I have some spare time I love to create some small and funny meshes like this or this or this. I put zip file with two blend files of pinkie ring here in case if you want to check it out.


Thats great! hahah.