With the addition of YafRay into blender (dont comment on technical aspects), I was able to finally raytrace my tumpet, and here it is:

And since that was kind of boring:

Just chose Atl, Ga because I live near there, so it was just an off the top of my head choice. PP done in PS. (post-process in photoshop) (only the text added). I know that the gold on the Mouthpiece looks a little strange, but just think of it as an aged mouthpiece. C&C even if I dont change it.

Its a little hard to see against the white background, but from what I can tell, you have a nice model there!


It is very over exposed and overlit.

The model itself looks very good. I used to play trumpet.


sorry about that. It was my first time with yafray. I couldn’t figure out how to get the “world” settings not too effect my render color.