Truncated Cube

Does anyone have any advice on creating an accurate ‘truncated cube’?
(Note that all edges in this model are identical length)

I’ve tried creating an 8-sided circle as a starting point, and rotating it 22.5 degrees. This gives me one face, but can’t get the edges to correctly snap to the grid so that I can accurately create the other faces.

Is there maybe a way to create this starting with a cube?

add a cube
modifiers > bevel
check “only vertices” and set the bevel width to .5
you can then apply to make it real.

happy blending!

:edit - my bad, width at .586 is giving me the best results for uniform edge length.

I would of suggested a Boolean, but that should work too. :slight_smile:

You don’t want to snap to the grid, you want rotated copies of your first face to snap to vertices of each other.

Is there maybe a way to create this starting with a cube?

There would be, but I think starting with an octagon is probably easier.

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This is not the most accurate method. But you can just subdivide the cube in 3, erase the corners, than reface it.


Thanks Matthew, I have now successfully created this model, (after figuring out how to snap vertices to each other…)

Thankyou too for the other replies, though I think Matthew’s is the most accurate with uniform edge lengths, The other methods are useful for variations on this shape!

My first blender mesh! Awesome.