Trust the Science! COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status

COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

This is the name of a recently published study and I would encourage you to read it and adhere to the recommendations in it.

This is solid science that can be taken serious, it is not fake news or shoddy science, despite what some might want to make you believe (I wonder why…)
There are more studies like this, but this is the latest.
This link gives you the full document as pdf:

The title is very clear in its implications, which comes to no surprise to many of us, but on the other hand huge parts of the population still do not know this or do not believe in it for various reasons.
The overwhelming majority of medicinal practitioners operate with outdated data, actively advising their patients wrongly, which comes from profound ignorance of vitamins / nutrients and their role in overall health.

The recommendations widely available in public space advise too small dosages and severely downplay the effect of Vitamin D on the immune system while overstating non existing risks, often creating unnecessary fear from “overdosing” and the consequences of it.

If you don’t have the time or motivation to work through the scientific and technical language that very few of us probably comprehend in its completeness, I give you the gist of it:

Vitamin D is essential for health as it not only increases the functionality of the immune system, it is dependent on it. A deficiency decreases the functionality of the immune system profoundly and this is statistically observable in context with Covid19 as hospitalisation and mortality rate goes up the lower the Vitamin D rate.
A strong deficiency might kill you to put it drastically and a high amount of Vitamin D in the body can safe your life and potentially turn an infection with Covid19 into a non-issue.
Even if you are fully vaccinated, if you have a deficiency your immune respond will suffer from it.

People who don’t live near the equator have too little of it in their body, especially in winter.
It is therefore strongly recommended to substitute with supplements and increase the level of Vitamin D in the blood until it reaches optimal saturation.

Depending on the position / latitude of where you live this may vary, but it is safe to assume that the majority of people living in the northern hemisphere should take at least 5000 IE better 10000 IE of Vitamin D with 200mcg Vitamin K2 daily or every other day through the whole winter.
This is a very rough estimate and a generalisation, please research the exact individual dose further.
Vitamin K2 is important when taking larger doses in order to avoid possible negative side effects in relation to calcium and its storage in tissue (which you want to avoid).

If you want to be precise, go to your doctor and determine your exact level.
You want to have close to 50ng/mL.
Vitamin D is widely available, cheap and safe and effective!
Vitamin D is not just very helpful in regards to the current health crisis, but ALL kinds of diseases and health problems.
Trust the science and consider mistrusting people who are strongly arguing against this knowledge as they might have ulterior motives.
Stay healthy!

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It is hard to establish cause and effect by just looking at the study. It might just be that healthier people generally have higher vitamin D values. Maybe the people with higher vitamin D are more concious of their health and exercise more.

An example to make this clear- You go out on a hot day and have ice cream. After some time you realise that you have got sunburnt. If you sample many people, you might find a correlation between eating ice cream and getting sunburnt, and might jump to the conclusion that the sun burn was caused by ice cream. But we all know that the actual cause we the hot day and both the sunburn and ice cream were effects.

In short, “Correlation is not Causation”. So it best to take these studies with a pinch of salt. The better studies are the ones with control groups and the best ones are in which the participants are blinded (ie they do not know their own vitamin D level)

Also I would recommend consulting your doctor before starting to take any vitamin supplements. Over medication can be a serious problem.

Important: I am not a doctor, I have tried to be as general as possible without talking about things that are niche to medicine.


As Xeofrios says, Correlation does not equal causation, one only has to look at some of the crazy correlated data out there to show this, like divorce rates in one area relating to the sales of something. For sure, a healthy body is going to be better equipped to deal with a virus, but is not either a given that it is protection, nor should one bank on it.

When it comes to COVID-19 science (in this case, science in general), I have come to be very skeptical of any kind of study that was officially condoned by and/or conducted by the state (as opposed to being conducted by individuals who are passionate in their fields). This is especially so when you consider that magical thing that is called ‘interpretation’ which, as we can see with the US founding documents, you can get close to making them say anything with the right language tricks.

Even worse, if the language does not work, then you just change the definition of certain terms or coin new terms so you can make it work. We have seen this type of thing multiple times in the last year in regards to what a vaccine is and what herd immunity is, and to make it worse this is happening across the entire breadth of our language (to the point where it almost makes me want to go back to the King’s English and its features that have since been cut from everyday speech).

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The weaker immune system makes perfect sense here. Covid-19 makes the immune system weaker, which causes bacterial infections of the lungs and brain. That’s why the higher risk group people are, elders, obesity, HIV infected. It’s been known for long time with Covid-19, that a weaker immune system is bad with covid-19. People should be at least taking a multi-vitamin daily, because most people are deficient in not just Vitamin D, but also others. Modern day food is at fault.

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That is true, but in the same way it is not disproven as causation. I don’t like this saying in this case because it implies by negation that the alleged health advantage simply is not true and there is no solid relation, but it pretty much can be true causation, its just not clear from the data.

What we DO KNOW however is that Vitamin D is causing an increase in immune system functionality.
There is no doubt about it. No Doctor will deny this, the counterargument is about the right dosage.

The people doing this study are medical professionals and their reasoning is solid.
Overmedication is not an issue here as your body produces in 10-20 minutes 10000 IE of Vitamin D in your skin when exposed to sunlight and huge doses of Vitamin D have been shown to have no negative side effects if administered with Vitamin K2. There also is no doubt about the fact that people in the northern hemisphere dip into a deficiency in winter when sunlight is rare, that’s just physics.

Again, Vitamin D increases the functionality of the immune system, that’s not a correlation, but proven fact, the same way as lack of sunlight creates a Vitamin D deficiency, how much more facts do you need?

That’s all nice and dandy, but how does this relate to this study?

Why are you guys arguing against this by using these kind of wishy washy arguments?
This study does not propose something revolutionary.
People in hospitals dying from Covid19 more often than not have a Vitamin D deficiency, it seems to be a significant factor, one of many.
Do you want to ignore this factor completely because it is not 100% proven that there is a causation, when it is a very strong correlation and all you have to do is spent a couple of cents per day and swallow a drop of fluid / pill of an essential vitamin?

I can understand your reservations to listen to some random dude on the internet making medical recommendations somewhat, but maybe you should at least listen to an random Doctor on the internet, who breaks this study down and explains it in more detail.

Just for clarification, I am not associated with vitamin supplement manufacturers, I have no dog in this fight, but I know several people who have had health issues deemed untreatable by medical professionals, which vanished completely the moment they took high amounts of vitamins.
I think there is something fishy going on here and you should pay attention. Not doing so could have drastic consequences.


I am fine with vitamin supplements, its just that some people…you know…take things too far. People can also develop a false sense of security and ignore more important actions such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Especially after claims such as “0 mortality rate”


(Just pointing out that mRNA vaccines aren’t gene therapy: they can’t alter the human genotype, as RNA isn’t compatible with DNA, and they don’t even enter a cell’s nucleus. This vaccine tech was researched in academia, previous to being industrialized.

Add to that that some of the vaccines being used are traditional, non mRNA-based ones, anyway)


I know, people have a tendency to take everything too far.
Just because one has a super strong immune system doesn’t mean one should eat from the floor or put ones head over a Petri-dish with an selection of pathogens.
Applying logic and reason and staying on the middle way is the appropriate way of doing things.

This claim came with a caveat, namely “in otherwise healthy individuals”.

I realize now that I shouldn’t have mentioned the vaccines, as it provokes counterarguments like yours and I absolutely don’t want this discussion here in this thread.
Let’s not argue about this any further as this is unrelated to this topic.
I am gonna edit my comment out to keep this thread clean.

Which is misleading, as the only mask that can even do so much as make a dent in infections is a fresh surgical-grade N95 mask that is worn for less than two hours (while the vast majority of people wear cloth masks or buy disposable masks in boxes that state “not for medical use”).

As for social distancing, it is nothing more than a feel-good measure to help the ruling class sleep better at night. The virus can actually travel up to 100 yards in the right conditions and can hang around in the air for hours. Getting rid of Covid completely (which we now know is airborne and resides in animals) will prove to be just as fruitless as wiping out the common cold. Heck there are variants of the 1918 Spanish Flu still going around, so having 7 billion people condemned to a lifetime of frequent lockdown misery will solve nothing.

But nobody is talking about getting rid of Covid completely, though, as that’s almost impossible, but making it as uncommon and as manageable as possible. Combining several mitigating measures such as distancing and masks and vaccinating has demonstrated to work. They don’t have to be perfect by themselves.

And yet there is no real talk at all about the most basic and essential measure which is boosting the immune system of the individual by all kinds of methods as well as proper nourishment of the body.
Obesity and diabetes caused by food intake is a huge factor as it drives all kinds of other civilizational diseases, but nobody speaks about how the food industry could help billions of people by cutting out cheap sugar and cheap vegetable fats.
There is still a rampant misinformation campaign about the negative side-effects of vegetable oil and Omega 6 fatty acids, which is present in all kinds of processed foods, when recent studies have shown a huge correlation with obesity, inflammation and high blood pressure and heart diseases.
There is no incentive to help people getting healthy when it goes against the financial interests of large industries like the food and pharma industry, which makes the whole situation we have right now extremely hypocritical.

Really? Here the vast, vast majority wear N95 masks.

In my area we had a mask shortage. The masks are made from cloth and paper here.

That is the case in the United States at least, I know for a fact that some of Europe’s mask mandates actually have specifics as to the type allowed.

However, are you ready to wear the things for the rest of your life, because there are some scientists who are proposing just that (because in some cases it is no longer just about Covid, but about preventing the sniffles in general even though humanity has happily lived with it for millennia)?

You can diligently take the vaccine to the point of becoming a junkie (some are preparing for shot number 4) and it won’t change anything. Amid other news, it is now clear the joke is on you if you think the needle was the ticket to getting your freedom back. This is not surprising, the CDC had to literally change the definition of ‘vaccine’ because the term was originally reserved for a shot that prevented both infection (even mild) and transmission. For instance, does anyone remember when the smallpox vaccine would mean you will still get smallpox and its symptoms, but in a way that does not kill you, I can’t find it in any history books at least?

I created this thread to make people aware of the potentially strong benefits of Vitamin D, in relation to Covid-19 but also in general because I think this is valid information and because many people are misinformed / ignorant about it.

Please don’t turn this into a general Covid-19 discussion thread, because Moderators will close it, and it will go out of sight, effectively sabotaging my intention to make people aware of Vitamin D and what it can do to help.

I personally wouldn’t mind such a discussion here, but it has been decided by the moderators of this forum that they don’t want such a discussion, a cowardly decision that is painfully close to censorship if you ask me, but it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it.

So please, everybody, stay on topic, so that this won’t happen.
Vitamin D is an additional measure to help, never a replacement for anything else.

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While the use of pandemic to power grabbing and making of the slogan “trust the science” like is some religion and even doctors with concerns are branded heretic, just raised all alarms on my mind, so i got every vacines before but not this one…
In the 2020 i was still in the army and a certain chunk of young people was infected , and most had minor symptoms, two neighbours in my street died, at least one i knew had comorbidies. I am not so certain about the correlation of vitamin D as Brasil is mostly a sunnier country and the virus got a lot of old people here (second in deaths after USA). Of course the authorities prohibited people from going to beaches…

This is totally understandable because when people reach old age the effectiveness of the immune system in general decreases and there comes a point where even when sufficiently supplied with Vitamins the overall protection wanes to the point where death is a possible outcome.
This is especially true when mixed with all kinds of co-morbidities which are more likely to be present the older the person is.
Many people are not only effected by one but a whole list of these and each and every one can undermine the immune system and the effect is additive.
I am not entirely sure of this but systemic problems of heart and lungs (anything in regards to oxygen supply) seems to be the most detrimental when combined with the virus.
It is therefore understandable that people can die even when they have an optimal Vitamin D rate, since this is only one piece of the puzzle.
The study mentioned this and the biggest positive effect is achieved in otherwise healthy individuals who have a deficiency.

I’ve chosen the slogan “trust the science” half ironically, using it as clickbait and pointing at the exact same sentiment you mentioned.
I do trust the science as much as I trust the people doing it and I also know there is a lot of junk science out there (well intentioned, but still junk).
Not to mention the mass media that manipulates people by presenting scientific facts out of context, misrepresents them, leaves them out when convenient, or outright lies about them.
Good example are all these “fact checks” which are done by “journalists” not scientists. These are not scientific but often nothing but opinions if not done by experts.

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maybe those professionals weren’t so professional