Trust the Science! COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status

And now we have the cocktail. The cocktail shot boosts immune system.

I think the problem is more systemic. What is possible with modern western medicine is seen through the lens of what is economically exploitable by the “health” industry. Treatments are favoured over cures.

I myself suffered from a “treatment resistant disease/disorder”, despite attempts to help (for years) I saw no results, the moment I stepped outside the prevalent modern western world-view and used ancient traditional methods of healing I saw results in just a week.
And not only did I got a treatment, I received a cure.
Many professional medical practitioners operate with good intentions inside the confinement of what is considered possible with modern western medicine, but they are (kept) ignorant of what is actually possible, just like the rest of us are kept locked in a certain mindset.
It is an reality bubble, an echo chamber, one of many.
Real objective truth is not constrained by the lens you look through.

I had my time with vitamin D, i was born in the colder part of the country and got Irradiated Vitamin D in first years, and got fish oil after that for long time, so i don’t think to ingest more vitamin D will cause problems, as i had a normal development and even grew taller than my parents.
The pathogenic approach (destroy the virus) does not need to exclude the naturalist ( bettering your natural defenses).
But i am not a doctor and each one should make his own personal choices, i really hate the idea the governments assume they own your body now.

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Talking about the mask. Cloth masks used to be the first masks used by doctors. Before they had the N95. It was the one which proved to work for preventing infections. The N95 is probably more efficient though.

I have had less infections here in the USA because of the masks. Even though they are only cloth and paper. Which made me think about something.

In the grocery store people are spitting on everything when they talk. And even just breathing causes saliva and mucous to get on things. The masks keep things cleaner in there.

They said having something like the flu with Covid-19 will also decrease survival rate.

I have a super sensitive stomach and would really appreciate it if people washed their hands properly and wore masks before helping themselves to the buffet table…

I have ADHD and it seriously fucks with my short term memory.
You have no idea how many times I left my apartment only to go back in to wash my hands because I forgot if I had washed my hands after using the bathroom.
I am pretty certain that I do always wash my hands, but If I am going shopping or something like that, I don’t trust that muscle memory type of thing and make sure 100% that I have washed hands.
I am an polite person.
Also you don’t want to think about it too deeply - I mean you could just stand there at the wash basin in an public bathroom and count how many people don’t wash their hands and leave and interpolate that to the whole population :nauseated_face: , or better, just as recommended - don’t, and never think about it if you stand next to the buffet table (if you have an sensitive stomach).

Sibu, Sarawak (Borneo) is a small town in the sticks, but outside every shop is a small table to scan your location for Covid tracing, a book to if you don’t want to scan, a UV thermometer and hand sanitizer. I have also had my first booster, easy, convenient and for free. Everybody wears masks, properly I might add, even though the majority is vaccinated and no-one outside of a couple of American/UK ex-pats complain. Very civilized! According to stats quoted in the local news sources, many infectious diseases including colds, flu, gastric, eye and skin infections are down.

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I can’t believe the course of some of these responses. Masks, vaccines and the like.

Here’s my layman’s take on it. My niece is the head nurse in an ER of a major hospital. She is an intelligent, highly skilled, responsible, ethical person. She has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. Here’s the facts as she expressed them to me. Masks are not 100% protection, but, if it offered you only 20 or even 5% percent protection, that’s more than no protection. Vaccines, even if they only offered you 40% protection, that’s better than no protection.

As for vitamin D. Considering the common diet of Americans, yeah, not a bad idea to take some quality vitamins. Best bet Micky Ds ain’t going to give you any.

Side note: my niece has seen more deaths in the last two years from covid than she has in her entire career. More recently, for the most part, in unvaccinated people.

You’re right it’s your choice… believe a politician or the guy down the street over a doctor or medical professional, you get what you lean towards.

Best of health everyone!


There is no vitmin d in food. It is produced by your body when hit by sunlight.

Vitamin d isnt even a vitamin. It is a prohormone.

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That’s not true. There is Vitamin D in fish, in egg and in mushrooms.
Certain wild mushrooms can contain 2000 IE of it.
Also it is added to certain types of food, like soy milk, orange juice and oatmeal.

our body is very bad at taking it from food though. producing it in the skin works much better.

Sure, that’s the preferred way and how nature build us. There seems to be a difference between various types of Vitamin D2 and D3 in terms of proper absorption. D2 seems in general not as bio-active.
But if there is not enough sunlight available, the options are limited. Intake via food/supplements or artificial UV light - that’s it.

i didn’t have time to read the whole thread but don’t the hot and sunny countries like brazil, where vitamin d deficit must be very rare (?) and where corona raged like almost nowhere else prove the thread title wrong? of course there also is bolsonaro though… so…

I addressed that 5 days ago in my answer to Renato_Bonfanti.
Short answer:

  • Vitamin D is only one piece of the puzzle.
  • Comorbidities are a huge factor (obesity, diabetes, heart and lung diseases)
  • age is another huge facter as it negatively correlates with immune response
  • wealth is another factor as this too negatively correlates with immune response
  • benefits of Vitamin D are the biggest in otherwise healthy individuals
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This is really nothing new. A link between an increased risk of a serious outcome of Covid 19 and vitamine D deficiency has been the topic of research in multiple research papers, although it is very difficult to prove a direct causality in these cases.

The British government decided last year to provide the elderly with free D supplements as well:

For those interested: taking magnesium and vitamine K dramatically increases vitamine D absorption by the body.

And we’ve long known about a D deficiency and being more susceptible to catching colds and the common flue (don’t forget that common corona viruses cause respiratory illnesses like the common flu).

All in all, more than enough (in)direct evidence that a LOT of severe cases could have possible been avoided if only everyone keeps their D levels up and maintains a healthy diet.

But as always, things are not that simple, aren’t they? Poverty, ignorance, egotistical motives, political power, financial power, nationalistic thinking, fear, pride, simple stupidity - and a myriad of other human-caused barriers - in short: the human condition cause a messy situation.

It is what it is.

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It kinda is for many.
The knowledge from these studies have not arrived in the mainstream. Its kinda out there, but its buried under a mountain of misinformation.
If I go to an Doctor and ask how much Vitamin D I should take, 85% of them would recommend what is deemed the max recommended dose of 800 IE which is laughable low.
Last time I went to an Doctor and asked for an blood-test she hand-waved it away and tried to talk me out of it, I had to pay it out of my own pocket and when the result came back showing a slight deficiency she told me to take a slightly higher dose than the “normal”.
This was a shittest I did deliberately, I basically had to inform her of her incompetence straight to her astonished face and then I never went back to that stupid doctor.

If I go to the pharmacy the max amount of Vitamin D I can buy there is 1000 IE, its nearly impossible to get more. Of course this is not legally binding, they just have decided that they don’t sell supplements with more, I have to buy supplements with high doses online.
Official sources from the government here in Germany still spread fear tactics and overstate the alleged dangers from “overdosing”.
Its a shitshow, the Government lies, Doctors are misinformed and the media does nothing to help but rather add more misinformation.

PS: Thanks for listing more studies. Its stupid but in order to convince people I know of the benefits of Vitamin D I have to bombard them with tons of scientific studies because they still believe in the mainstream narrative and doubt the benefits strongly, the brainwashing is very successful with many people.

And now the new variant, omicron, it mutated so It can infect people better.

So, just take more than one?

It certainly is a good business model for them.
If I take 10, the package is empty in 5 days, I’d pay 108 € for 3 months, while I can get a 90x 10000 IE package for 36 € online and these come with 200mcg Vitamin K2 per dose in addition.
The choice is obvious.