Truth about getting into hell

1.) watch and worship tyra
2.) believe everything on faux news
3.) Eat nothing but fast food
4.) use nothing but micro$soft
5.) memorize all of barney’s sayings
6.) buy a huge SUV, a hummer would be nice
7.) invest in depleted uranium

Go ahead and lock this if you wish, I just had to laugh…
Oh there is so much more, but I am laughing so hard I am getting cramps! Your turn…

OH no!, I think I’m already there!:eek:

Deer god,

you can also add, Blender goes Closed Source

You left out a few…

  1. Thalt shall not use your wife as a cupholder…

2 Thalt shall not lust after thy masters meat…

3.Thalt shall not fornicate with giant blow up dolls…

  1. Thalt shall not show thy rod, to thy staff.

  2. thalt shall not buy your nephews beer.

  3. thalt shall not fondle thy p0rn

Im not worried about going to hell, I got this cool necklace to protect me!

And a nice banana hammock ^^