Try searching the term " Near sensor"... go ahead... just try.

Hey, when I try using the blender artists forum search to search the term…

near sensor
Near sensor

…the engine tells me that the word “near” or “Near” is too short or too frequently used to be a keyword.

Is there a more appropriate term that I should be using to find out what’s up with the Near sensor? Or would someone be kind enough to direct me to a quick non-python tutorial about the Near sensor logic brick.


many thanks in advance

here goes this site which includes a lot about things like those

its broken anyways, you are wasting your time. You will get some static mesh error if you use it on a dynamic object.

I am confused, because I have seen blends that use it in py.

If you use google to search this site then you can use any words you want. LOL.

Thanks, guys.
I am aware that the near sensor is buggy, I’m just trying to figure out how buggy…

ITITRX- Use Google to search specific forums? How do I do that?

Thanks again,

suggestion of google search: “near sensor”