Try this mini game and try to get the highest score

Hello, i am just curius who could get the biggest score with this mini game.(I made it…)
It should be in the GameEngine forum but i wanned more people to try it, and i wanned to see how much the biggest score would be.
Is it ok?(if not tell me and i will remove it)

Annyways here on this topic the file is

i’m at 250 and it is getting long. when does it end? what is a high score?

windows only? :frowning: - i’m a poor mac user.

i dont know how i convert or what i have to do to make it for mac.

i’m at 250 and it is getting long. when does it end? what is a high score?

The High score is 500. (you can find that out by start thing the game and there is a question if you want to view the score , if you hit y then you will view the score…)

i just beat it with 503. But it really needs clearer borders, and the ability to both speed up and get much longer. It just gets boring.

Ok , this game is not finnished it is just a test game , so i need people to tell me what to do better, Thank you :slight_smile:

i jsut discovered an error in the submit scrip ,so pleas download the file again,(the error messes up the ftp connection so nobody can get the scores :frowning: so pleas done use old versiuns)

Windows only? :frowning: I’m a poor Linux user.

Windows only? :frowning: I’m a poor Linux user.[/quote]
mhm… i ask again how can i convert it to linux and mac?

i’m afraid those have to be packaged/exported on the platform of delivery - as far as I know. At least this is how you would make a stand-alone executable. I’ve never tried using the blenderplayer so maybe it works with that somehow. Unfortunately I am at least two months away from needing this multi-platform capability since i’m such a slow modeler.:-?

i suppose i could stop being lazy and read the manual - or cheap and buy the gameblender book. :expressionless:

Just post a .blend instead of a exe.

mhm… is it that simple?.
But the submiter must be a .exe and linux and mac cant take .exe files can it?

.exe is only for windows, as far as I know.


To me it looks like the submitter is using python, is it maybe so that you have had it generated by python?
If that is case I’m sure that you could generate it for linux/mac too by using the same pythonfeature?

mhm… is it that simple?.
But the submiter must be a .exe and linux and mac cant take .exe files can it?[/quote]

Generally it is that simple but it looks like you have used Tcl/Tk for the interface, which is cross platform but I’m not sure that if you uploaded the Blend file that it would run on everybody’s system because you’d need system dependent Tcl installations. Or is that what tkint.pyd is for? - to interpret between Tcl/Tk files and Python.

I’ve used Tcl stuff on my Mac system that was made for Windows but I had to recompile the code. But that was a C++ app, not a Blender one.

The trouble with uploading the blend file is that someone else can copy your game if you plan to sell it later. But the advantages are that people can find it easier to help you make it better and can tweak it themselves (or cheat and plug in a high score, heh heh). I don’t understand the second part - the submitter must be an exe. If you mean you can’t upload a .blend file to your server, then just zip it up.

Try and see if it will work inside Blender first by just choosing run game from the game menu. If it doesn’t work there then it’s highly unlikely to work on either Mac or Linux. If it does and you’re not bothered about people accessing your blend file, then just zip up the blend file (maybe do it separate so people on slow connections don’t have to download the 3MB file if they already have).

Tcl/tk is packed with the file so i dont think annything is needed to run it.