Try to make a car simulator

Hi all,
My first attemp to create a car simulator don’t work as I expect.Why when parenting (ctrl + p ) the four wheel to the car body, when hit p ,the wheel become ovale.And how to make the car start to move slowly and then quickly ?
How to make the front wheel stop turning at an angle instead of continued turning around its axis ?

Just validate, use some statements like “if”

if the car is not running then can’t turn around any axis.
if the counter of the first velocity is greater than 3 seconds then second velocity is turned on, if timer is greather than seven seconds third velocity active… etc etc…

for the direction wheels make it an ipo curve by turnoing 45 degrees and control the ipo curve to keep it in the middle (22.5 degrees for each turn), so you can control the tunrning of the wheels by an ipo property actuator.

by the way… there are several post asking similar things, did you do a search before ?? :smiley:

i got a python script for that, but actually i dont know where to upload my blend.file to demonstrate my script…so if anyone will tell me, ill upload an example for you… :wink:

From Daniel

I have a forklift steering wheel that truns oval when the GE is run. It is parented to an empty. I do not know why it is an ovall. I did not notice this behavior in 2.37. The forklift was created using 2.40.