Tryin' to figure out the toon shader

Thought I’d give the toon shader a shot… isn’t exactly what I aimed for but turned out pretty okay I guess


looks almost like the frog is super hig gloss, like rendered with a highend GI renderer…but pretty toonish

Pretty nice! Now get some black heavy lines around all the colors/edges

I tried that but thanks to this wonderfullthing called MSN messenger and microsoft windows, the .blend was lost… cause my computer crashed… but I can redo it ofcourse

Haha get a life and download ubuntu! Linux has messengers, too…

I won’t download ubuntu, allready got it… just… I can’t figure out the installstuff and console and superuser blablabla… I had wine, but didn’t understand, ran blender out of a zipped file… so… but I’m gonna install it again… or maybe e-live or something

Ok wait for Edgy - it should be completely autopilot, with graphical program installers and all that jive.

You dont need to run Blenda on wine!!? I run native ubuntu blender 2.42a, its faster than on XP imo.

Actually I am on Edgy, but its still testing till December. Its damn slick, damn quick. Too bad its still testing so sometimes its bit buggy around the corners (in other words use dapper until edgy is released).

E-live - well never tested that. Any debian derivative (ubuntu, knoppix, mepis, elive) is going to be somewhat easy to use and stable. Ubuntu is still going to be the ‘easy’ one.

But looks like I am off topic…

why wait? can it fuck up my computer? … is it on distrowatch? ehm…I mean. I’ll dll it as long as it’s just stable enough …well… to… not crash:P

You can get dapper from distrowatch. Its stable, ime.

It cant fuk with your hardware, but if you have XP, it can fuck that or XP can fuck it up.

Check out for download, too. Or you may like Kubuntu more (better desktop) or Xubuntu (minimal lightweight desktop).

If you gonna install it, you want to know about the starter guide

and the ubuntu forums

And if you need help you can also ask at the linux helpdesk thread (see my signature).

Ubuntu is great for installing dual boot. Its installer doesn’t mess up windows ( use that installer to partition too! )
But if nothing else, at least get puppy linux on a disc or flash drive. It has all the basics in just 50 MB, and running it live it can load fully into Ram, so you can recover lost data or fix broken Windows.

Oh looks like Edgy is going to be released very soon

19 October 26th FinalRelease|(edgy)

I still recommend installing Dapper, Edgy gave me some hard time (had to restart a couple of times)

Is it for u

Sorry for offtopic

hmmm hats of man:yes:

yea NO one s perfect in this world:spin:…

let others know this by them selfs soon

and thanks for ur info

dude, you did realise this thread is over 2 years old right? thanks but… it’s a long, long time ago

Good God. I think I remember this thread.