Trying my hand at architectural modeling

This isn’t really a serious project (yet), but I kind of got inspired today and modeled this building. Didn’t have time for many details, but here it is:


just rewote wiki section on this. check out the render section. Nice building. Needs a little red airplane warning light at the top, and a parking lot, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot…don’t ya know.

Not all buildings have hotspots and boutiques.

If the bottom is supposed to be retail, maybe add advertisements.

PapaSmurf: Yes, thanks, I’ll add those things eventually (MANY other projects on the go at the moment). And by the way, that wiki is basically the reason I started this;).

Cyborg Dragon: Sure they do:p. Ads are a good idea too, although I was thingking mcuh of the bottom would be like a ‘grand entrance’ lobby thing with glass staircases and 3-storey ceilings;)

Edit: Also, I don’t know if its that visible in the render, but the two ‘rivers’ (sunken areas on top of the roof of the base) are going to be like reflecting pool things that run down in waterfalls in front of the windows on one side:cool:. Kind of hard to explain. But you’ll see it eventually.

Don’t it always seem to go: you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Nice downtown design. The waterfall idea sounds interesting.

Joni Mitchell strikes again;). And thanks. Maybe once the xmas break starts and I have time to keep going with this (still have to finish head model, banana-on-a-plate render, gothic bus, plus I’m doing other work for a client) I’ll put it in WIP:evilgrin:. I’m feeling very architecturally inspired atm.