Trying out Grease pencil for car design


Yes another car project, but a bit different this time…

I wanted to share something I’m experimenting with in blender, I’m trying out Grease pencil to create guides for this car design project, and so far I can say it’s working wonderfully well for a first try !!.

Just create a shape ( coupé, small car, hatchback or whatever ) as a base to draw on ( an existing blueprint can be used for that if you struggle with general shapes ), and a Grease pencil blank with snap set on surface ( and mirror modifier ) so the pencil lines could follow the base shape formes :

This tech can come in handy for illustrations too !

I will definitively try to finish this one, and an opportunity for me to try shrink warp workflow for car modeling and other things…


Ok time to start.

The shape is coming along nicely! Grease pencil will definitively integrate my products design workflow !

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Wow. I’m really liking that workflow. I was trying out sculpt to do the same thing and it was good, but I’m not fast enough (I’m just learning it) and the surfaces will never be automotive smooth without retopo. I’d rather grease pencil up my base shape and go straight to laying out polys.

Can you please explain how to use grease pencil on surface? You say a grease pencil blank with snap set on surface. I see Shift+A (add grease pencil) and I see on the toolbar on the left there are options for grease pencil but after that I’m lost.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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you need to create a blank Grease pencil object first, then go to the draw mode (you can find it with the object and edit modes etc) and switch the stroke placement to “on the surface”, make sure the offset is set to 0 (or else your strokes would just float above your object surface).

Use materials to give your strokes the colors you like, you have also the layers tab, and finally under object proprieties, tick the “in front” option under Viewport Display, this will help with the strokes visibility.

That’s SUPER helpful. Thank you so much! One more question, if you don’t mind. How do you change the color of the linework? In your top image, that looks like it should do something, but it doesn’t. Does the color only show up in Eevee or cycles?

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On further exploration, I found it. Choose a drawing implement and then the color seems to work, but only in Eevee or Cycles.

I think you helped me fine-tune my workflow even more. Thanks for the cool tip!

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I personally use the Material proprieties tab to change the strokes color, when you change the base color it should applies on all the Viewport modes (solid, evee, cycle)