Trying out linux again

so i have several Linux live cds and im trying to figure out which one works… SO FAR UBUNTU AND KUBUNTO DONT WORK

right now im on KNIPIXX but for some reason the keys are reverted

z says Y and y sazs Z when i type it

anz suggestions_ i got sabazoon and xubuntu downloading now

ooops i just noticed that i posted this under the wrong forum… anywyas heres what happened…

XUBUNTU, UBUNTU AND KUBUNTU WONT BOOT AT ALL(in nither the 32 bit nor the 64 bit versions) after everything loads and the login menu has to be i looks like the screen starts fading in and out… on all three of them

I tried Knoppix and it seams to include everything i need and works perfectly without any tweaking needed (as far as i can see) except for that issue with the keys, Z= Y and Y = Z…for some reason its inverted…

i have also tried Sabayon Linux and that kinda works… the problem is that the display looks VERY pixelated…to the point where you cant even read the text but can just make out whats going on.

So for now im going to download a newer version of Knoppix and try that if it works, so far that would be my linux of choice for now…

Fedora i havent tried but with previous experiance i know it wont work on this machine at all…

oo yea, found Karera XGL disk laying around… cool but not needed

your post reminds me of myself because most of the past few weeks i have been trying out various linux distros.
To make a long story short, things (in the Linux world) are quite a mess and i’m beginning to understand why there are so many different distributions out there.
At the end, I choose kubuntu 64bit for my workstation at home. Right off the bat, i noticed a good render speed when using yafray.
On my laptop, pclinuxos works best but once i get it back (it broke down again) i most likely will install ubuntu as well.

Distributions that disappointed me were opensuse 10.3, sabayon (because the irc community has an ego and issues to help ppl new to that distro) other than that, sabayon is ok.
PuppyLinux 3.01 is ok too but it depends what your needs are.
Mine were that grub would be able to boot (which most distros can’t do on my toshiba qosmio - which is an expensive lemmon), that my wireless (ipw2200) would be configured automatically, and most of all, that i could use blender builds from
So far, kubuntu serves my needs best but once pclinuxos gets python 2.5 support, i most likely will be switching to that distro for it feels “right” to use.

I’m still struggling with “recordmydesktop” but gimp and blender run 100%

I’m happy with the setup :slight_smile:

Hope you get lots of input,
ciao :slight_smile:

i see Knoppix as the best so far… has everything and it all works withouta sitch

Strange problems your having with Ubuntu. Usually just works for anyone. Are you trying to run this on a laptop? There’s often some issues there.

You could give Mandriva a try. It’s got a very nice desktop environment and is a breeze to install, plus they have a live cd.

I’m not sure how good of an envirnment Knoppix is. It’s a great swiss-army knife, but it seems kind of klunky for doing art on. Whichever works for you though. :slight_smile:

well i installed knoppix from the live cd (and reading up from the documentation it wasn’t really meant to be installed at all… was originally made for just live boot on the go), anyways im reinstalling windows now as knoppix just comes with A LOT!!! of stuff that i dont even know… its cool and all but certain errors are just driving me crazy and while reading up it takes to dam long to fix them Ill try to get a camera and get a screenie of what happens when the Ubuntu system starts up… I dont want winodws anymore but it seams that Linux doesnt like me to well… Im trying to install this on a HP DV9000T, and it doesnt seam to work…

I have good experiences with Sabayon. Easy as Ubuntu and based on Gentoo.

Fedora is working better for me now that I’ve disabled my wireless card and run my network straight from the lan. This is on a desktop, so not having wireless is not really a problem.

In the end, if you have problems with multiple distros, it’s most likely an issue with a specific piece of hardware.

What are your systems specs Vitaliy?

My vote is on SUSE (openSUSE that is). It’s been running quite fine for me. I may try a Gentoo Distro next. Been doing nothing for the past month but installing Linux distros on my secondary machine.

Concerning Ubuntu, did you try running in safe graphics mode?’


Hello all!

I think I might be able to give you a hand on some of this. I’ve used Linux for a quite a while now, and my small site has a lot to do with it.

I’ve used Ubuntu, Gentoo and Fedora for long periods of time. Ubuntu is a great distro to learn on, as (once it’s installed) it’s easy to use and doesn’t need much manual config at all. Gentoo is the exact opposite. All text install, and can be confusing (but documentation is great). Almost everything is done manually, so if you want things to “just work” I’d stay away for now. Fedora is like Ubuntu, but different. It does a lot of things for you, but also has some manual parts. It’s a good combination of both. And, since it’s made by the guys with Red Hat, it’s got tons of packages in the repos.

I’ve tried Mandriva, Knoppix and Arch as well, and none of the struck me as much as Ubuntu, Gentoo and Fedora. My vote would be Ubuntu or Fedora, and if you could be a little clearer with what happens with Ubuntu, I might be able to help with that too. But otherwise, download a Fedora Live Spin and you’ll probably be set.

(If this is ok with mods or admins…) Here’s a link to my site, and a helpful guide I’m writing on various distros. I’m getting done, but there’s more to come.

Also, you might consider Debian. It’s what Ubuntu is based off.

Edit: Also, Fedora 7 is what I’m running right now. It is pretty great. And, I think it has Blender in the repos ;). And, if linking to my site isn’t allowed, I’m really sorry :(. I’m not trying to plug it, I joined for help with Blender and this looked like a topic I could help in :D. I’ve been trying to learn Blender since I first started Ubuntu a little over 2 years ago, and I’m finally trying to actually make good stuff.

Maleficus: As far as I know, its allowed to link to your website. I do it all the time, and nobody has come at me.

Vitality: I had that problem with Ubuntu on my old laptop (which has now been stolen), and I found the problem was I didn’t have enough RAM. I would try just installing it with the alternate install CD onto a separate Hard Drive, and test it out that way.

That’s good to know, but my concern is my post count of, what 3? :o

Not enough RAM could be it. I’ve had problems with different SATA controllers as well, but you’d get an error way before you got to the login screen if that was the case.

I imagine you aren’t using the latest version? You might try downloading that, I think the newest release came out a week or so ago.

Or try that Wubi thing Umph found. That can be helpful.

The problem cant be enough ram, this laptop has 2 GB of ram…dual core amd turion tl-56 so that isnt the problem…

Im gona try and download fedora…maybe it would play nicely with my laptop…

P.S. back on windows right now

In that case, it’s probably a problem with X not loading right. I think you can choose different login methods, one being command line, and I think you can do a command line installer if you really want Ubuntu.

But Fedora is an excellent choice.

In that case, then I understand it. X already started for you, its just that it doesn’t fully boot. I bet your download failed OR you burned the disc wrong. Sometimes if you burn it at full speed, there are write errors on the disc. Try burning the Ubuntu CD at a slower rate, after re-downloading it. This may also fix the problems in the other Linux CDs.

Edit: Also, use the TAO burning method.

i have 9 ubuntu disks with different burn speeds and for different architectures… none work and all have the same issue so i think its not the disk…

What resolution are you running? I just read on a bug report that if it’s higher than 1024x768 than X won’t load… a bug plaguing all Ubuntu releases (including the new Gusty release).

Don’t think thats true, as I have a 1440x900 screen, and Ubuntu loads perfectly.

You don’t try different architectures, you try different downloads for the SAME architecture. You probably should use i386.