Trying to achieve High Quality Fur

So, I recently decided to model a “Khajiit” from Elder Scrolls having been inspired by ESO latest trailers featuring Khajiits which are among my favorite races in all fantasy.


But I hit a rather massive roadblock. The fur, for some reason just never seems right to me in Blender. I always looks like hay or straws or something like that.

Here is what I mean:

This is literrally the best I could make after a whole day of playing with the settings. I’ve seen all the tutorials including the Blender Guru one, but all they seem to do is focus on what the sliders do which is easy to understand by yourself. I was hoping to get something on the lines of what you can achieve with Maya.

Anyway, I’m hoping it’s just my lack of knowledge and some blender wizard will show me the way!

Here is the Blend file just showing the torso like in the picture above.

Try playing with a few more settings, mainly under the Children tab of the particle system. I enabled long hair, increased parting, clumping and added a custom roughness curve.

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Wow! That’s way better then anything I managed to do! I turned on the long hairs toggle, I just never thought of using that since I assume it was for really long hair. I got similar results to you but could you share the settings or the file?

Your file is kind of big, but here is a screen shot of the values I changed. Play around with the custom curves, one at a time, to figure out how they influence the clumping shape.

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Here’s some more ideas:

  1. new hdri, lower strength, don’t wash out the scene by blasting white light everywhere.
  2. experiment with shaders
  3. dont clamp direct
  4. add directional lighting,.
  5. grunge/noise on colormap
  6. make skin darker color to simulate layers of hair that eventually get to block light
  7. thicker hairs

good start!

fur_mod_packed.blend on dropbox


Thanks. I’ll be posting here an update soon.

Thanks for all the tips. I did experiment with thicker hairs, but the problem that I saw is if you get too close, the strands start looking like tiny tentacles rather then thin fur strands.

I will experiment with the shaders, although I will most likelly end up using it in EEVEE since I do plan on making some small animations with this character. And I would like for my renders to finish during my lifetime. xD

i love it so much ur make it like realistic

this is my trying to make a fur ball today it just my first try i hope i make it good enough for my first try

To be honest, I’m not sure for how much longer I will keep working on this. Blender fur just doesn’t seem all that great honestly. Specially comparing it with Houdini or Maya. I will probably end up finishing this project in Maya I think.

Maybe need some more work

Blender Fur system? Yes I aggree. In fact I think they should rebuilt it from the ground up taking tips from Maya, Yeti and Houdini along the way.

Yes, blender hair needs more work, but in this case so is your groom. Is a matter of not knowing the software well enough rather than limitations, which blender has, of course, but not applying in this case.
For such simple stuff you want to groom blender is perfectly capable of doing it right if you know what you are doing. I know because I had my share of work done in xgen and yeti in productions, and tinkered a bit with houdini and none of them gives any decent result out of the box without LOTS of tweaking done in the hair itself, the shading and even the lighting. There are tricks you can use that are software agnostic, like reducing the shadows of the fur shader to make it look softer, etc.
Atom and Photox gave you a good example of this, and I would do it myself if the file was available yet but I found this topic too late. My advice is just keep tinkering with it and asking people and you’ll get as good as with Yeti or whatever.