Trying to add a glint star to an animation highlight

I made this and composited it in After effects

But I want to try and do something like this in blender if I can.

The math to it would be something like. At 255 white value add a star halo. The streaks filter does not seem to have the control to dial it down enough to just preform simple light glints sparkles flares what have you.

after effects is a compositor
the closest thing to that in blender is the NODE compositor

, pipe your stuff through a streaks/glare node and then have the influence affected by a time node

I noted that I tried that already. Aside from using the time node. (bad name?)
But the streaks is to off the wall. Hmm maybe the time node can fix it.

Thank you for the note.

correct. mix in the glare only when you want it, use the time node to feed the factor socket on the mix node.

you can also have the glare influenced by a spec - either by using a color ramp conversion or a spec pass (in the render layers)
that should give you the effect you’re going for