Trying to animate textures within Cycles material with Object Texture Coordinate



I have a Cycles material in which I’m trying to animate a continuous offset of the tiling textures within. I cannot do this with the UV Warp modifier due to mapping issues with the object, so I’m attempting to do it using the technique described in THIS THREAD

The problem is that moving the empty has no visible effect.

I’ve also tried keyframing the Location value in the Mapping node, which moves in the viewport, but when the animation plays it is static.

Can anyone suggest a fix?


*edit - Changed back from Vector to Point and still doesn’t work


Ok, apparently the problem is to do with how materials are refreshed in viewport. The mapping IS being changed, but the viewport does not update at all in Material display mode, and only when you manually advance frames in Rendered mode. Going to be very difficult to figure out the speed of the animation when I can’t preview it.


Tried it in 2.8 with Eevee and simply keyframing location in the Mapping node works fine in both Material view and Rendered view.

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I haven’t tried eevee yet. Not being able to see the real time in view port was a pain in ass when I was animating it a little.