trying to "animate the robot" from blenderart maga

i cant do the ‘action constraint’ thing. i’m using blender 2.4 - the magazine says it has a “fig 10” with settings on how to use the action constraint, but its not there. i looked at some other online documetation on the action constratints but i cant figure the thing the heck out.

i made the earball’s pop-out like it said with simple bones. then i created the bone on top of the robot’s head as the ‘action constraint bone’ and made it a child of the main armature…

how the heck to do i get the action constraint to work?

k…the uber noob strikes again…i figured out my own problem (hours later)…

i had made my action constraint bone (the target that is) a child of the armature, when i made the “child of” box empty - then the action constraint bone worked sweet.

duhhhh :expressionless: