Trying to attach clothing to armature or object not sure what to do. I attached my file

I am trying to attach a lab coat to my character. I finally got my armature working and parented by manually assigning vertex groups to empty weights. Now i want to add a layer of clothing, a lab coat but not sure how to go about it. Here is my file.

If and when you get it attached and working I would sure love to know how you did it. I have watched a couple of tutorials about clothing but none seem to be able to work on my model.

Having said that - are you creating for a game engine or for animation in Blender?

Animation. I eventually want to make my own animated shorts maybe one a my own animated series.

Yep, this is good for you then. Fabric sim doesn’t just translate to game engines, but is great within Blender.

Do you know how to attach the clothes so it will move and animate properly with the rest of the character?

There are basically two ways, to make the coat follow and deform with the armature.

The easiest way is to parent the coat to the armature with so called automatic weights. To do that

  • select the armature and delete the parent in its object tab (this is perhaps a remain from a previous attempt
  • then select the coat and shift select the armature
  • after that hit CRTL P and select “with automatic weights”

After this procedure it will transform when you pose the armature. You can adjust the weight painting of the coat to your needs. If you add collar bones to the armature it will help at the shoulders, because these will peek through the coat at the moment. If there are still parts of the body peeking through after all that, you could have a look at the mask modifier, which helps to hide body parts that are inside the clothing.

As yogyog said, you could also use the cloth modifier for the coat. That’s more accurate because it calculates how the cloth would react. To do this add a cloth modifier to the coat and a collision modifier to the body. Then experiment and adjust the settings of each modifier until you are satisfied with the result. But be aware that this adds calculation time to the animation. An even more after you may add a subdivision modifier to the coat.

With a combination of

  • armature parenting
  • cloth modifier
  • collision modifier and
  • subdivison modifier

you will get this (no fine tuning for cloth and collision):


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

thanks, i will try it out.

I tired and it does not parent the lab coat

I cleared out the armature parenting in object mode, then i selected the lab coat and then parented it with automatic weights and nothing happened.

Can you pose the armature in pose mode? In your original file it was set to rest pose and that prevented posing.

Yes I can pose it but the labcoat does not follow with it.

I still can’t make it work. All you did was clear then parent and Ctrl+P automatic weights?

Basically yes. But I do remember how long it took me to figure out how clothing could be animated when I learned it my self. This morning I took the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into 2.8, which I’m still not too familiar with. And I recorded the process step by step. This video is a little longer, because I commented what I did.

And here is the blend file with all my modifications.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

You’r welcome, I’m glad if it was of some help :slight_smile:

You were a huge help. You are what makes the blender community so great. Taking out from your precious time to make a 15 minute video explaining how to do stuff for us newbies.

Subtract is not working in weight paint mode?

I did it your way following the video. But it seems even after weight painting correctly different areas are moving/being affected when they should not be.