Trying to bake curve animation of Tank wheels

I’ve been trying to export a tank vehicle that uses a curve modifier to animate the wheels. So far i’ve been trying to bake the animations and export it as an FBX but when I import it, the wheels just move away from the body of the tank. How do I apply the curve modifier to the exported FBX animation so the wheels will roll instead of move away from the tank?

Have you found a solution to this, I believe i am running into the same issue. I am attempting to create a conveyor belt animated around a conveyor system and export to Unity. Help!

I’m interested in a solution to this too , but have you tried to import the blend file to unity ?

The curve mod is not compatible with the FBX format. I’m guessing that when you export an FBX it will just apply the curve mod for one frame, then move the object allong the axis you moved it along to get the track animation - which is why it’s moving away from the model. FBX’s only export the armature mod and subsurf so far as I know…

In this thread I go over how to solve a similar problem - converting a curve mod to a armature animation for unreal: I need to animate an opening barrier