Trying to bake Textures

Hello there im a beginner in Blender and as you can see on the PrintScreen here im trying to bake my Cube but i have some questions.

  1. is the texture suppose to be so dark?
  2. if you look at the edges on the UVMap why are they looking stretched?

It bakes past the edges due to texture interpolation. Most people do not use “constant”, and so the engine (unity, scenekit, whatever) reads past the edge of the texture and averages them together in a process called anti-aliasing.

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When you use bake type “Combined”, you should have light sources in the scene. Alternatively you can use the bake type “Diffuse” and choose only “color” as influence. This should bake ok without any lights.

The stretched edges are called “margin” in Blender or “padding”. This avoids visible seams when the texture is rendered, for example in a game engine.


This was the answer i was looking for thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this information i appreciate it:slight_smile:

Btw, when i realise i made a misstakes longer back than i can undo… how do i undo that, hehe, is there a setting for this somewhere in blender :slight_smile:

In the preferences under System you can set the amount of Undo Steps. But you should save often in new files. Just in case … :slight_smile: