Trying to be a Blenderer...

Hello everyone… I discovered Blender after I watch Tears of Steel, and I just love it!!
After modeling the honey dipper, I want to add some honey on it… possibly animate it as well.
However, as you can see… the honey doesn’t look quite right.

Here are my two questions:

What will be the best way to smooth a mesh?
What is a better fluid simulation setting for honey?

Thank you for watching this post, any comment or suggestion will be appreciated.

Here is another render with a different light setting and position adjustment…

you certainly chose a difficult subject for a first project. :slight_smile: Looking real nice though. Try asking in the particles and simulations section of the support section. You are more likely to get an answer there.

You can always create a high poly mesh and use Proportional falloff to shape it the way you like, then use shape keys to animate it.
The honey material is great,love the way it reacts to the light.


Thank you for pointing the direction!!

Scounting Ninja,

That is a very smart work around!!! I will do some research and try something tonight.


As you said, there are many information about the setting for honey simulation on the forum already!! There are some great examples as well!! Thanks for pointing out the direction, and I am very excited to see the ability of blender.

After some research on the forum, I did a tons of experiments… I can finally get a result that is close to what I want…

This result is more like what I want for the entire animation, but I guess I need to render the fluid simulation in animated mesh to smooth them one by one. I will try to do that, but I really want to try something else as well… Like creating a little puppet and animate it.

Mmmmm honey. The last image looks really good imo!

Thank you for viewing and your comment!! I wanted to make the entire animation like that, but I just found many difficulties about animating the scene…

Here is a test render for the tea without the honey.

One day I tried to do a speed modeling, and I thought I should start with something easy.
I never thought that a Sugus candy will be that difficult to model.
After trying different method, I finally stopped on a version that looks ok.
I know the edge is still way too sharp, but I don’t know how to soft the edge without breaking the UV map…
I then start to play with the physics to create a bowl of Sugus.
I will start with another speed modeling…
Happy blending!!