Trying to build Bender for Game Engine with scons and mingw


I’m trying to build Bender for the Game Engine with scons and mingw from the last sources in CVS on a PC XP

I want to try to fix the annoying bug on Property& Message actuator which send two positive pulses instead of one positive pulse followed by one negative pulse like in all versions before 2.42 (I have seen already discussion on this matter)

I have put in my :


The fact to put WITH_BF_GAMEENGINE at true raise an error in the gameengine\Sconscript
On : Import (‘user_options_dict’)
scons: *** Import of non-existent variable ‘‘user_options_dict’’

Reading the scons doc I found that a corresponding call to the function Export have to be done before.
How to do these Export ? some thing is missing ?

Later there is a similar situation with Import (‘library_env’) in gameengine\BlenderRoutines\Sconscript

Thank you for your advise.

someone fixed it already…

Thank Kirado,

I have try the Blender.exe provided but it seems the debug is not complete, the Message and Proprety sensor sill fire to positive pulses.
Below my debug .blend file which use some python script to show frame by frame what’s going on