Trying to combine materials

Ok, this may be easy for those who know what they’re doing. Background to question is: I have a bunch of extruded letters converted to meshes. I want to apply a base material to all the letters and then apply bump map materials individually to each letter. I want to be able to tweak the base material and have the changes reflected across each mesh. The attached picture shows first the mesh with single combined material applied. This is how it should look. The second section shows the mesh when the materials are separated into to materials and applied to the mesh. How do I get the 2 materials to blend together properly?


Material Nodes ?

Open a node editor window, make two material nodes and combine them with a Mix node.

I rarely use them, but I guess it would be something like this:-
MatNodes.blend (95.8 KB)

More info:-

Yep that looks like what I needed, sorry I didn’t realized materials nodes were as easy as they were. Thanks for your help!