Trying to composite multiple scenes into a single output animation

I would have expected this to be a fairly common use-case, but the help guides I find for it seem to be about rendering multiple ‘layers’ at the same time (such as a standard scene and a transparency mixed on top of each other).

What I have, is 8 ‘scenes’ which are all separate sections of an animation. Actual scenes, if you will. Which is why I would have expected it to be possible to render out ‘scenes’ as individual scenes in a single animation, considering … y’know… they’re called scenes!

However I only seem to be able to render them one at a time? I have to go into compositor, change the current ‘layer’ to the next scene, and render it out, rinse and repeat.

There must be a way for me to queue up the scenes into one animation, so that they can all render out in one batch and result in a single output file. (or a single folder of pngs, so that I can then post process if necessary before encoding them into a video).

Can’t see the methodology for it though. Any help?

Edit: version 2.8

It will be extremely helpful if you note which version of blender you are using. This forum is alive in versions 2.79 and all versions of 2.8x.

You can put two render layer nodes into one scene.
In the render layers node you can chose the scene.

Then you can plug them into seperate sockets of an output node.

added 2.8 to the op

The output nodes only have a single socket for an input. I have seen pictures of a node with two inputs, but that doesn’t seem to be in 2.8 anywhere (that I can find).

You can add another socket in the right panel:

Ahha, that’s what I was missing. Do they then render sequentially? Thanks for pointing that one out to me :slight_smile:

No, they don’t. I am not sure if it possible to set it up sequentially.
I seem to remember that I read that it was possible to do that with the batch renderer and command line rendering but memory is a bit hazy.

Weirdly, they seem to render frame1 for each scene, then frame2 for each scene, etc etc. Which is odd. But the file names seem to end up working ok, so I think it might still be easier than rendering each scene seperately.

Yes it works but if you have one very long scene and one very short scene you will render a lot of useless frames.

Here is a link to a batch render setup: