Trying to create a fade to transparency on a Shader/Model

Please forgive my ignorance, im very new. I only know how to do basic modeling/texturing, I know nothing about shading/rendering etc.

I followed this tutorial to get this effect going on a part of a model im creating,

Im trying to get it so the surface material fades into transparency over a distance. Id like to be able to dictate where the start and stop of the fade is.
Can anyone help me out?

You have a genuinely good question here, never be afraid to ask.

You can use the “View Z Depth” output of the Camera data node as a factor for the mix shader. Because the node will output in metres, the value will be arbitrarily large. So make sure to put a map range node and increase the “from max” value till you get a desirable result.

what you recommended wasnt really the solution I was looking for, but while browsing through the internet for more definition to what you recommended, I did learn a few new things. So thank you.

Im trying to go for this effect (as show below), know any solution?

Is the fade based on the Z position?

empty_to_control_gradient_transp.blend (703.1 KB)
empty_to_control_gradient.blend (697.9 KB)

did you just create this video just to help me out? if so youre awesome man, ill mess around and see if this works.

yessir, quite so. trying to get the forearm to fade from transparency staring from the bicep.

Based on what @baldperv did, you can use use this to get the desired effect

(You can also scale the empty to change the falloff)

Gradient.blend (860.9 KB)

you guys are aweome, im gonna mess around with what youve shown me. I appreciate the help a ton.

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