Trying to create a foldable( removable ) wall

So bassicly I would want to create something like this:

I want to rig it so that I can fold the entire wall by rotating a single part OR by changing an “angle” parameter.
I also want to be able to add / remove panels using an array modifier(2 at a time is also fine, since that makes it easier to set up i presume).

Preferably I do not want to use ANY bones.
The problem is that I don’t know where to start, can anyone point me in the right way?

EDIT: I remember 3Dsmax having something called “wire parameters” , I’d like to be able to achieve the effect using something similar

EDIT 2: Just found out about drivers. I’ve managed to make a single unit of folding doors using those. But the array idea is not working.

i was surprised when this worked. One door is vertex parented to the other door and a copy rotation with a negative y is applied to the child door. I assume you can ad all the doors you need.
Maybe this will work.