Trying to create realistic grass

Hello, I’d like to create an outdoor scene using some realistic-looking grass.
This is a test render:

Any idea on how to make it look more realistic?

Give it random size.

  1. Model the gras, don’t use hair.
  2. Set 2 or 3 different particle systems with these models and different materials.

But it looks not bad, just to perfect for be realistic. :wink:

hey thanks for such quick responses!
well the size is already randomized but I might try to increase the random amount.

yeah I read about mixing particles, guess I’ll try this and post a new rendering!

Very fluffy, this is among the better grass renderings I’ve seen recently.

I like the aesthetic appeal to it, now if there was a fully modeled scene to place it in.

if you want truly awesome grass, the only way to obtain it is to use ripstings fibre script, which is several years old, and fairly difficult to get working. it also requires an older python install. but it kicks particle grass’s ass, imo. I wish someone would update the script for recent versions.

I learned a lot from this tutorial, not just about grass :slight_smile:

Umm… there are tutorials out there, but I’d also increase the browning a bit and the base width. you can also play with the ramp a little too.