Trying to create sharp angles with curve modifier?

Im trying to create a building using the curve modifier, as it has alot of curves in it, but I really struggle to create sharp angles. I can increase subdivision, but its fiddly and still doesn’t look good. I AM trying out the archipack addon, but it’s down right terrible. You can’t alter one part without the entire thing needing to be altered.

Are there any alternatives around this?

Curves aren’t really suited to sharp corners, by nature, they’re curves. Sharp angles require two lines to meet at a single point, curves have no straight lines and thus cannot meet at a single sharp point. I think any parts you want sharp angles on, you should use standard vertex modeling

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The “even thickness”-problem is discussed here on several threads… this one (for ecample) Geo Nodes "Even thickness" for curves uses geonodes for a solution…

You could always use Curves-Extra Objects activated in the Plug-ins
Then you can get sharp square edges…you can always mix Meshes with curves also…

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I don’t know if this will help, but select the control point then v > vector, may work.