Trying to create this kind of material

Trying to create this kind of material where looking at it from a different angle would make the color/shine change. I’m not sure how to explain it so I found it on an image of a car. This kind of effect. I’ve been trying to add a color to the metalness or specular, but can’t seem to recreate this effect. Thanks in advance, not figuring this simple thing out is bothering me more than it should.

Try this

Use layer weight to adjust the influence of the flakes color, control the duo shine with the 2 glossy bsdf ( i recommend setting the main color in the Principled BSDF as a color in between of the shine, like if 1 shine is purple, 1 shine is blue, set the main color as purple-blue) , remember to set the voronoi scale high enough. This is in 2.8 tho

2.81+ setup

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Cheers Gebalt, that looks indeed like the effect I’m trying to get. I’ll study your node setup together with your explanation to understand where I went wrong. Thanks again.

Light dependent color shifts are not possible in Cycles, only view dependent. The car you posted looks like it has a light dependent iridescence shift like ChromaFlair. If you can live with screen based effects, the work around is to first render out color by light using Eevee only shader2rgb, and use the rendered image with window coordinates to obtain the color for a Cycles material.

Perhaps you could do an actual full bake for every frame, or capture it as a reflection ball or something. I never tried. I was just having some fun with Eevee back in the day.

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