Trying to customise some things

Hi guys,
I used Blender a few years ago but went away from it. I learnt 3DS Max in University so I’m quite accustomed to that. I’m trying to customise some things (please don’t suggest I learn the Blender defaults, I don’t have a good mentality for re-learning things).

So a few questions:

  1. How can I set bevel to a hotkey? I can’t find it in the input list. I want to be able to select an edge loop, hit b and then quickly change the distance and drop the tool.

  2. How to effectively select a face loop. I’m finding it extremely hit-and-miss. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it selects the perpendicular loop (not the one I wanted). In Max I used to select one edge, do a ring select, then convert that edge selection to a face selection.

  3. Is there a way to maybe make a macro or something to dissolve edges in one hotkey. At the moment I will select the edges (usually an edge loop), push space, type in “diss”, select dissolve, then repeat with the vertices (pretty cumbersome, but I have hope it can be boiled down to one hotkey).

Can I say I’m extremely impressed with Cycles!
I made this render for my facebook page:

The background gradient and blur was Gimp but the rest is Blender/Cycles!
I’m very excited to get back into graphics…just need help customising these few things!

1 - rmb over Ctrl+E / Bevel and select Add a Shortcut. Latest builds of blender now have a default shortcut for bevel
2 - The loop selected depends on the edge your mouse is over
3 - press X, rmb over dissolve and select Add a Shortcut. In the User Preferences / Input panel you can select the option to include dissolve vertices

Brilliant! Thank you very much good sir!

Hi, a few more questions:

  1. I have setup the “tweak” thing so I can box select points/edges/faces. Now I’d like to be able to select or deselect in the ortho views and have the selection get everything straight through the mesh. (Not just the front facing stuff).

  2. Is there a way you can setup custom meshes in the Shift-A menu?

  3. Is there a quick way to scale up and down the proportional editing radius? It would be cool if you could hold down a key and scroll the mouse wheel or something.

  1. While in edit mode, there is a small button on the bottom toolbar which, when you mouse over it, says “Limit selection to visible”. Play with this button and I think you will find joy.

  2. While doing proportional editing, the mouse wheel does indeed controlled the radius of the proportional editing. Make sure that you have proportional editing on, select a vertex/edge/face, and then hit one of the transform operators (G, R or S) and then scroll the mouse wheel.

OK great! And I also just discovered the circle select and MMB will deselect. I’m getting somewhere now!

Circle Select and MMB is OK but is there a way to hold alt and drag out a box to DESELECT some verts?
Also is there a mode where you can just tweak verts around without having to click once to select the vert, THEN translate? The extra click is time consuming when you’re doing it often.

Last one for now, is there a way to select neighbouring edge loops? Like using the arrow keys or something to switch over to a different loop? And using shift to add that other loop to your selection?

Thank you muchly!

Laso select could be done by holding Ctrl and drag while hold Left mouse, unselect - Ctrl+Shift and drag holding Left mouse.

To affect more than one vertex Proportional tool and different falloffs helps. As far as i know there’s no option to move vertices without selecting them before.

Ctrl and ‘+’ on numpad extends selection (’-’ decreases), but that goes both directions, idk if that is changeable somehow.

Shift Alt Right clicks toggle loop selecton, adds also. So just click on next one, click on selected - deselects.

Hope helps.

OK Thank you!
A quick question, do you guys use mean crease for hard surface subdivision modelling? Or just add in control edges? I am trying to get used to mean crease but it gives some scrappy looking results in my opinion. The smoothing can look funny unless you turn up the subdivision level to 6+

OK I’m not using crease, back to good old control edges.

Anyway, a few more questions - is there a single key I can hit to set my currently select vertices to x=0?
Also when I use the grow selection tool, it’s not acting how I’m used to - if I have a single polygon selected and I grow by 1 - it only selects more polygons with shared edges - I’m used to it selecting any polygons with a shared vertice. Anyway easy way to change this?

Also I’m still looking for a way to mass deselect vertices. I want to select too many, then remove multiple ones from that selection. The brush or circle selection isn’t working well for me.

Thank you again!

You can use Lasso Select to grab a selection with Ctrl-LMB drag. You can select with Box Select by B-LMB, and deselect with B-MMB.
Not sure about the x=0 thing - do you mean to select a row of verts and Scale on X to 0?

Selection’s x to 0 takes several steps; no one button operation unfortunately. ‘sx0’ makes ‘level’ on x; then if you really need value 0 - that’s on N panel - numeric entry.

If i have icosphere and edges as a selection, after one selected and increased selection by Ctrl + + i end up with all edges connected to selected one + edge ring which is not i would expect… Also if i have n parallel cuts/edges selected and want every second being selected, menu Select Every N Number of Verts (ok, Verts, but read the popup) does not do that.

For faces i haven’t tried tris/quads mixed with polys but in general tris/quads work as expected.

For a mass deselect circle usually works just fine (in z mode); box and laso deselect too.
Click A and start again ;).

Happy blending!

Hi, yeah I forgot about the MMB thing, I’ll start trying to get used to that.
I meant to set all the selected verts so that their X value = 0 (like when using the mirror modifier, you want things centered so it mirrors cleanly).

When I am trying to clean up the edge that is on my mirror axis, I turn on ‘clipping’ in the modifier, select just that ring of verts, and drag to the center - they merge very nicely that way :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand you regarding the selection growth thing.
Here’s what I mean - it doesn’t select the corner polys.
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I see what you mean, however i can’t really imagine why selection “growth” in this “corner” case should go over diagonals of small corner faces. If you start from middle face and expand perpendicular to edges of previous selection all seems correct. I too would want them to be selected but that’s computer with it’s ugly logics ;).

Oh well…thank you anyway, I appreciate your help!