Trying to Develop Scripts for Import and Export of Rome: Total War .CAS files

Hi Everyone! This is my first post here, so greetings to the whole community!

I am trying to develop python scripts for Importing and Exporting the Rome: Total War 3d file (.CAS). Such a script exists for 3ds max, yet not for Blender. Therefore, my first question is:

  1. Can I translate maxscript into python?

  2. Has anyone ever tried making these scripts before?


You might be able to code it in python but there would not be an easy translation. You would have to be very knowledge able about maxscript and the Blender Python API. But im not sure that it is even possible to make a script to import/export it. I dont know enough about the file format.

Second of all, i have not heard of anyone making an import/export script for .CAS files, but many people have written there own import/export script for different formats.

Try taking a look at this thread.