Trying To Disable Back Culling

I added a texture to a wall, and when I play (“P”) the opposite side didn’t turn up.
I know how to enable it, but the thing is I don’t know too much about adding textures in the
properties. For pretty much all my textures, I don’t add a material, but now it is mandatory to
be able to disable back culling.
The actual problem is when I add the texture to the texture windows (properties) this is what happens:


How can I add the texture through materials without it having this stretched-out piece of texture?

You should always have a material, for everything. Otherwise when you export your game, none of the textures show!

And yeah, to fix the stretching, learn UV mapping. (actually, it seems you might have. In that case, in the texture, just change the mapping type from ‘projectiotion’ to ‘UV’

Of course I know UV mapping :confused:
I don’t understand though, you said if I don’t have a material, the textures won’t show.
All of my games, I’ve never done it but yet they still appeared!
Anyway, thanks so much, it worked!!! :smiley:
This will definitely help me in the future, thanks a lot sdfgeoff

EDIT: Ahhrg! One more thing, lighting doesn’t work on it, it looks like a solid color pretty much. :0

Change texture influence mode from ‘mix’ to ‘lighten’ or use GLSL. I think that works.

Yep, it sure does! Thanks :slight_smile:
Instead of extruding walls, I had to make individual planes, this helped so much! :smiley:
100000 X more convenient than making those nasty planes. Thanks again!