Trying to download 3D models

I was just trying to download some models off 3D Cafe, and they all seem to be MAX and 3DS format, so they won’t work in Blender. The DXF files are all .exe’s which won’t work for me. They’re windows files right? I’ve got a mac so that maybe why i can’t open them… hmmmm. Anybody know what i can do to get these things?

On 3DCafe, goto Free Stuff on the right, Models and then VRML. Those you’ll be able to load into Blender with File >> MMB. Anything else you’re going to need something like Polytrans or Accutrans to convert them.


You can also use Wings to open the .3ds files and then save them as .obj files. That always work for me better than the 3ds importers for Blender.


I downloaded Wings. It works great. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

edit: Hmmm… it worked the first time. Now whenever I try to import, Wings keeps crashing midway. Does anyone know whats up?

Still can’t figure out whats with it… Anybody?