Trying to emulate zero G fluids with inflow objects

Hi all
I’m trying to get a fluid sim to behave a little like its in low or zero gravity.

So far I have two objects as inflow objects emitting fluid into a pool (geometry object).
The idea id to have a ‘finger’ of fluid emerge from the pool and then release a drip which separates and floats upwards.

Another object will emerge after this, so everything needs to be done with fluid sims.

As you can see the inflow objects continue to release a stream which is not giving me the effect I need.
They basically need to behave in the same way that metaballs do.
I have tried different velocity settings and tried out various scene gravity settings but I cant get the fluids to behave in the way I want.

If I could get my emitting inflow objects to behave like metaballs, that would be great!

Any suggestions?!

Using surface tension might help to make the main body of the fluid flatten itself out again, despite zero gravity. Might not have enough effect, but you can try.

Thanks for responding Omgold.
Actually surface tension was one of the settings I tried :anguished:
Maybe I’ll revisit. I’ve change other settings since then so it may yield some results.

Some other idea I came up with, which might help, is to not use gravity (which affects all fluid the same), but a force field. These can be set up such, that e.g. only affect the fluid in the pool at the bottom.

I couldn’t reproduce the result you posted quickly, getting only a single drop, but more splashing. You can see the principle I mean anyway. The force field makes the liquid in the pool settle again quickly after the ‘projectile’ passes through, but the splashes it created keep floating in space.

drop-float.blend (583.4 KB)

Hey omgold. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and preparing the scene. This could work nicely!