Trying to fake shadows using planes

hello all,

iv’e been trying to find a way 2 bake shadows on a plane and parent them to an object to make it look like its realtime shading, but i wasn’t very successful. If i try to make an alpha texture and use the add button, the black bachground becomes transparent, and so does the shadow, so is there a way to use alpha textures with a background other than black?:confused:


There is a color channel called the Alpha channel, which stores the values for transparency regardless of the colors for other channels are. PNG files can be saved with an alpha channel, you can edit it in most 2d programs. Even blender can do that. Then you just load that image with an alpha channel and on texture face panel you set the blending type to alpha.

i tryed to find the color channel but i couldn’t, and what do u mean by ‘can be saved with an alpha channel’ ?:confused:

where can i find the alpha channel?:expressionless: