trying to figure this out

ok so im either dumb or this isnt something ur supposed to know right off the bat.

on the tutorials they have a picture in the background of the model that they are creating. how do i do that. here is an example:
can someone help me im interested in making a career out of this and goin to school for it but i would like to have a heads up before i start.
thanks in advance

in your 3d window do you see where it says view click view and choose background image, then add pic

i did that and on the tutorial it says there is a load button but i never see one

there you go the answer in pictures


I prefer this method, personally: That way it can all be done in one window, and you can also rotate around. View > BG Image only works in side, front, and top view.


When I load the background images and begin to model, they’re not alligned, and I can’t make an accurate model then.

I’ll try that UV map method. Sounds interesting :stuck_out_tongue: