Trying to find a way to create game-ready fur

Hi, I’m developing a game with anthropomorphic characters and I’ve been researching ways of making convincing game-ready fur, but most of what I’ve found doesn’t really suit what I’m trying to achieve. So does anyone have a work flow or tips to achieve a similar result to the fur in this image. Any help or tips would be appreciated thanks!

That model is just hair cards, nothing special. The trick is to have a decent match between hair cards and body texture.

One way would be to create the fur texture on the body first and use it as a guide for the hair card placement. A neater way might be to create a groom, convert a copy of that to curves, add profiles to the curves and texture them as well as bake the groom down into a texture for the body model.

I’d recommend a look at the Hair Tool addon that supports the latter workflow well.

Thanks so much for the reply! Would you happen to know of any other documentation on hair cards?

Maybe have a look at good old wolf(i) from BlendSwap Wolf ?

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll give it a look later when I’m at my pc

Check out the Hair Tool documentation - it covers most of the common techniques:

Probably of particular interest: